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Virtual Learning

EPR Navigation is an equivalent name for Remote Viewing. The trainable ability to retrieve information about objects, events, places, beings by accessing the collective subconscious through an aperture (wormhole) in the limen (the barrier existing in between the conscious mind and the unconscious)  . However, there is a twist. E.P.R. is an acronym for the "Einstein-Podolski-Rosen bridge" or wormhole which connects two distant systems making them behave as one, no matter how far apart they are. The human mind is a field that is actually extending at infinity and it can initiate such "bridges" in between our brain and distant objects, living beings, destinations. It can work at both ends. This is also the reason for which we can call it navigation. Hence the name EPR Navigation. Your mind becomes a vehicle able to go anywhere in time and space. Just as in navigation it needs a destination that is given as a random number by a tasker.

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Virtual Learning

Did you ever think what changes would you bring to the world you live in with just a little extra power? An exotic power that gives you access to any sort of information no matter how secretive or hard to get it may be by classical means?

  1. We will train you individually in a few stages and track your progress.

  2. You are already starting your portfolio

  3. You will become part of a team. Working in teams, the accuracy of the data is increasing and information becomes richer

  4. You will be recommended and be able to find potential clients

  5. You will never be given a dangerous task to solve, all tasks will be curated by the trainer. That is because in Remote Viewing the viewer is always blind to the requirements of the task until they get feedback.

  6.  You will receive specially crafted tasks to make the assessment of your progress and accuracy easier.

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